FIP Virtual 2020

The International Pharmacy Federation, and its co-host, the General Pharmaceutical Council of Spain, have rescheduled FIP’s 80th World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Spain’s 22nd National Pharmaceutical Congress to 2021.

However, in recognition of the importance of collaboration across borders, sharing knowledge and being united, FIP is offering a virtual program to bring the pharmacy profession together - FIP Virtual 2020 - to be held from 4-25 September this year.

FIP Virtual offers a program of events including an opening ceremony, sessions and business meetings (including the FIP Council Meeting) and culminating with World Pharmacists Day on 25 September. Sessions include:

  • “COVID-19: Lessons learned and changes for the future â?? A global showcase of experiences and reflections” with speakers from Australia, Italy, Spain, Sweden, China Taiwan, Sweden, the UK and the USA.
  • “Developing evidence during a pandemic â??Ethical research, reliable science, safe practice” with speakers from the pharmaceutical industry and public health organisations.
  • The André Bédat Lecture from pharmacy practice research pioneer Professor Martin Schulz (during the plenary session).
  • “The impact of air pollution on respiratory health and vulnerability to COVID-19. What can community pharmacists do to help?” According to WHO, air pollution is the greatest environmental risk to health, with 9 out of 10 people breathing in polluted air every day. At this session, FIP will release preliminary findings from its survey on air pollution and respiratory health and the awareness and roles of community pharmacists.

The full program is available here.

Source: , viewed 13 August 2020.