WHO's Pharmacy Call

Pharmacists need to play a key role in addressing misinformation about COVID-19 in the community, the World Health Organization (WHO) believes.

In a statement issued late last week, the WHO noted that community pharmacies are often the “first port of call for people who are feeling ill”, and stressed the importance of pharmacists keeping on top of the latest advice, regarding condition management and use of personal protective equipment.

“Those working in pharmacies should know how to wear personal protective equipment effectively and maintain high standards of hygiene,” the WHO said.

“It is also advised that stores display infographics demonstrating good handwashing techniques and the correct use of face masks.

“There are no approved treatments for COVID-19 and pharmacies must therefore play their part in helping to contain the spread of false claims and misinformation circulating in their communities.”

With many pharmacies opening for longer than normal business hours, the WHO also stressed the need to ensure they have enough staff available to cover absences in the event of employees falling ill.

The organisation also emphasised the need for pharmacists to support patients with non-COVIDrelated chronic conditions.

Source:, viewed 1 June 2020.