Reported Contraceptive Shortages

Women have spoken out about a shortage of contraceptives caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, reports Stuff.

One woman who spoke to Stuff, Hansi Bennett, had been advised to use an oral contraceptive pill while waiting to be given Mirena to help manage endometriosis, but doctors and pharmacists “declined” to prescribe it for her as they said the OCP was in shortage.

“The pharmacy weren’t being [difficult], they just said ‘we can’t get any’. And I wondered, are people stockpiling this?” she said.

She was able to find only one option, a non-subsidised oral contraceptive for around $50.

Fiona Tolich, trustee of advocacy group Patient Voice Aotearoa, said that the supply issues could impact the wellbeing of women needing contraceptives to prevent pregnancy as well as help manage conditions such as endometriosis.

“Of significant concern is that less than two months ago we were told by Pharmac [the Government agency which manages subsidy] that the supply issue was not Covid-related and that supply was expected mid-April. Why are we learning there is an issue now over a month later?”

Dispensing limits have now been put on the OCP.

Source: , viewed 28 May 2020.