Why is Kanuka honey so beneficial for your skin?

Like its well-known cousin Manuka honey, Kanuka honey boasts anti-ageing and skin enhancing properties due to a special compound found within the honey called arabinogalactans (AGPs).
And it's the level of AGPs in the Kanuka honey which gives it its star power – the highest content of any New Zealand honey – making it even superior to Manuka honey for helping to treat skincare issues.
Why does AGP content matter? You know how we all wish we had smooth, radiant skin day in and day out?
The amount of AGPs is incredibly significant as they can act as a powerful anti-inflammatory, which in turn helps to soothe and heal skin conditions such as acne, eczema and rosacea, all conditions that can make it harder for us to achieve that glowing, youthful-looking skin we all dream of.
Not only that, Kanuka honey has also been found to contribute to wound healing and repair and has been shown to possess antibacterial properties due to its hydrogen peroxide content.
With these benefits alone, we wouldn't be surprised if you're ready to rush out the door to grab the closest Kanuka honey product you can find, but before you do, let us introduce you to Snowberry's New Radiance Face Serum, as detailed in the education modules listed below.

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